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Cutting-edge technology: SIC Mining Machines provides new-generation cutting complex


The new cutting complex (hereinafter KNF) will replace KN78 unit which has been manufacturing for a long time by now. Mining Machines specialists applied number of technical innovations and improvements to upgrade specifications and performance of the equipment. In particular, driving power increased up to 165.5 kW (compared to the previous model rated for 90 kW) and new generation wear-resistant drum type cutting head is used.

KNF capacity may come up to 1.5 t/min, which is several times the capacity of КN78 driving machine, and the linear cutting speed increased up to 2.2 m/sec. This allows the miners to speed up both the installation of longwall set of equipment and the face commissioning.

“Our design-engineers undertook to make new KNF unit ultimately easy-to-use and functional”, highlighted Viktor Kuchma, Deputy Director of Shearing and Tunneling Equipment Division. “SIC Mining Machines keeps maintaining and developing its engineering potential to provide its customers with attractive and innovative solutions”.


Cutting machines KN78 and KNF are designed to cut stable holes for further installation of longwall equipment. This type of equipment is also used for thin coal seams cutting. Some of DTEK Pavlogradugol coal mines have thin seams. In 1970s-80s 5 to 10 similar complexes were used at each mine.

KNF cutting complex allows cutting rectangular coal seams working with height 1.3 to 1.6m and minimum width of 4.4m and its capacity allows cutting rock with hardness up 70MPa.

The complex comprised of shearer, face right-angle conveyor, cutter-loader, powered roof support sections, oil-pumping station, electrical unit and control panel.

Over 40 years 197 KN78 complexes rolled off the production line of Gorlovsky engineering works. The equipment was supplied to the coal mines all over the former USSR.

In February 2013 the last forerunner of KNF unit KN78 cutting complex was supplied to DTEK Pavlogradugol. The first new-generation unit will be shipped to Mining Machines customers by midyear.

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