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Corum to Offer Production Facilities for Students


Under the supervision of the professionals from these plants, the future specialists will gain professional skills in such qualifications as an adjuster of radio electronic equipment and devices, a responsible person electrical, a CNC operator.

“Our company has a wide experience in fruitful cooperation with educational institutions of the cities and towns of our presence. For example, every year Corum Donetskgormash organises production and graduation practical training for the students of such educational institutions as Donetsk National Technical University, Donetsk Industrial and Pedagogical College, Donetsk Higher Professional Mechanical Engineering Vocational School. It is important for us to develop the student’s skills, practical and personal, that they will be able to apply to achieve results in their future profession. We try to involve the future specialists to the culture of achievements, the culture that will enable them to work competently under the changing conditions”, said Kateryna Bakhurinska, the head of the HR Department at Corum Donetskgormash.

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