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Corum Supports Children’s Activities and Result Orientation

Corum Supports Children’s Activities and Result Orientation

Corum thinks that providing assistance to cities and towns in organising cultural events, sports competitions and intellectual contests is an important area of the company’s social activities. In such a way, the company reaches two objectives: it positively affects the cultural environment in the areas where its employees live and work and supports talented children and young people by expanding their opportunities for realising their talents. All this facilitates the formation of the young people’s active life attitude and the ideology of achievers, which suggests self-development, self-cultivation and project work, because the future of Donbas and our country to a great extent depend on what kind of people these children will grow.

Speaking the words of congratulations, Serhii Lisovyi, the head of the HR Department at Corum Druzhkivka Machine Building Plant, noted: “Being a socially responsible company, we try to comprehensively develop the culture of the cities and towns of our presence. Moreover, it is especially pleasant for us to support young talents, who prove by the results of their performances that they are best and year after year growing more and more professional”.

The Well Spring Festival gathered about 30 groups comprising over 300 children of different age categories. Corum recognised the heads of all children’s groups, issued diplomas and gave presents to ten children that won the first prizes, the performance groups from various cities and towns of Donetsk Region. The main prize, the Grand Prix, was given to the Karamel Modern Dance Group (Druzhkivka), whose performance the jury found brightest and most memorable. 

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