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Corum Group has commemorated Afghan warriors

Corum Group has commemorated Afghan warriors

After the greeting of Company management with the words of gratitude for Afghan warriors’ – Company workers’ extraordinary courage, Nataliya Gonchar (the vice-chairman of Oktabirskiy District Administartion in social and humanitarian issues) made a speech.

Corum Group together with Kharkov Union of Afghan Veterans awarded warrior-internationalists with honoured medals and memorable souvenirs in honour of 25-th anniversary of the conclusion of troops from Afghanistan.

In terms of the meeting nearly 50 Afghan warriors, who came from all the enterprises of the Company: “Corum Gorlovka Machine-building factory”, “Corum Druzhkovka Machine-building factory”, “Corum Krivoy Rog factory of mining equipment”, “Corum Donetsk factory of Mining engineering” and “Corum Donetsk Energy plant”, also visited Kharkov Guard Tank College and placed flowers onto Afghan warriors memorial “ Cherniy Tulpan” (“Black Tulip”).

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