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Cleaner Air for Norilsk Nickel: Mining Machines Supplies Equipment to Mines of the CIS Leading Non-Ferrous Metal Company


Mining Machines has established long-term cooperation with Norilsk Nickel and completed the order three months earlier than specified by the agreement. The company has already sent the main fan and axial fan to the Far North. The equipment is designed for installation in ill-ventilated mining companies and operates efficiently in a wide range of operation modes.

"Norilsk Nickel knows the equipment produced by Mining Machines really well. Over the last two years we have supplied to Norilsk Nickel several upgraded turbine machines for Komsomolsky and Taimyrsky ore pits," stated Ihor Fomenko, Marketing and Sales Director of Mining Machines.

The fans produced by Mining Machines can successfully operate in the Far North conditions. The main units of the turbine machines are made of weather-resistant steels, which ensure efficient operation of the equipment at the temperature below minus 40 degrees Celsius.

By the end of the year Mining Machines are to supply to the Russian metal and mining giant electric locomotives, transformer sub-bstations, rope grips and hoists.

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