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Best Working Places are Created in Engineering and Technical Centre Mining Machines


According to the investment project, construction works will be completed in October this year. During this period 7.5 thousand m² of office rooms, facades and roof of the bulk will be overhauled and the adjacent territory will be improved.

The Data Processing Centre and specialized laboratories will be located in the new building of the Engineering and Technical Centre Mining Machines. Working places will be equipped with all required tools for productive work of design engineers and they may be compared by their level with engineering subdivisions of international machine building companies.

According to Natalia Klimenko, Personnel Director of Mining Machines SIC, the formed up-to-date infrastructure of ETC will allow designer to implement completely their professional potential. “The Company strives for doing everything in order to provide its employees with comfortable and functional working places. The work efficiency of each member of Mining Machines SIC team will depend on this”, Natalia Klimenko underlined. 

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