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Basic equipment of Mining Machines presented in Ugol Mining Russia 2012 fair


The machine has remote control which provides acoustic control of equipment operation in out of sight zone and continuously checks methane concentration and position in the longwall. To facilitate maintenance processes all machines aggregates can be easily dismantled without breaking of connections of basic parts of the machine.

In 2007 in Sadkinskoe coal-mine administration (th Russian Federation) KDK500 mined 7075 tonnes of coal per day, which became a CIS record.

Shearer UDK400 is for coal mining in flat and steep seams up to 1.5 meters. The machine has chainless haulage with variable drive and frequency inverter. The web width is 0.7 meters, the machine can be equipped with augers 800, 900, 1000, 1120 mm diameter.

In October 2011 for one month in Krasny Partizan coal mine (DTEK, Sverdlovantracite) UDK400 mined more than 80 thou tonnes of coal. The average production was 4200 tonnes per day and 5 tonnes per minute. According to miners UDK 400 has no rivals in modern shearers for thin seams.

Along with stable performance of the equipment Mining Machines specialists are in constant discussion with miners how to improve it for different conditions and to increase time of guarantee and operational life. Today Mining Machines declares that UDK400 can produce 2 mio tonnes before overhaul.

Modernized roadheader KPD is for operation in gaseous and dusty mines. The machine is for breaking the rock, cleaning and haulage of rock when mining arch, keystone and rectangular openings. The main peculiarity of a modernized machine is new design of rotating conveyor section, which is made in fixed sheets. The equipment has forced feed lubrication system of bearings, high speed shafts in operating member reducer and a unit for service fluid cooling. The machine showed reliable operation and high performance in Ukrainian and Russian mines. Thus in August 2011 in Yuzhnodonbasskoe N1 coal mine administration (Donetsk region) KPD headed 531m and broke the record of Ukraine for past 10 years.

Drill loader BPR is for loading the rock broken by drill and fire system into minecarts, conveyor or other mining haulage means. The equipment can be also used for fixing the roof support in horizontal or inclined mining and for blast holes drilling. The production capacity is 3 cubic meters per minute when rock loading and 48 meters per hour when drilling.

In 2011 BPR was modernized by designers of Engineering center of Mining Machines.

Electric locomotive A2V8T is for minecarts transportation on underground narrow gauge railroads in gaseous and dusty mines.

The seat for an apprentice can be installed in the locomotive cabin as well as a control panel with information on battery charge, locomotive speed and distance covered, methane indicator with shutdown function of locomotive, fire extinguisher, points automatic control, light and audio alarm. The locomotive has explosion proof battery chamber and the acid storage battery which can feed the locomotive during two shifts. Compared to the previous model A2V8T has improved hydromechanical braking system with reverse action; transistor control system with two independent drives; remote control which can provide safety at stock forming. Besides that the locomotive can turn with 8 meters radius due to its dimensions.

Control station KUUV 500/500 is for electric supply of facing equipment with 1140/660 V in gaseous and dusty mines. The electric scheme of equipment provides:

- short circuit protection and overload of each terminal;

- operation check without feeding;

- open circuit protection and raised resistance;

- drive working parameters control and data transferring to operator.

KUUV 500/500 can substitute 10 switches, – 8 actuators and 2 circuit breakers. It can work using two types of cranking voltage at the same time.

Actuator PVE 630 is for remote direct start, stop, reverse, short circuit protection overload of asynchronous electric drives with short-circuited rotor in gaseous and dusty mines.

The actuator has one transit, three ins and four outs for power cables connection and four control outs for flexible control cables. The electric scheme of the actuator provides the following types of protection and indication:

- short-circuit, overload, incomplete phase protection and information display;

- electric drive winding protection from overheating;

- open circuit or increased resistance of earthing between actuator and movable equipment electric drive over 50 Om protection;

- zero protection;

- displaying parameters of currency and emergency modes.

The competitive advantages are:

- nominal current 630 A;

- possibility of monitoring of basic working parameters. 

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