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AndreyAfinogenov Assigned as the Legal Provision Director of Mining Machines SIC


Mr. Afinogenov has been working for our company since August 2010 and he proved himself as a professional manager, competent on his functional field”, YevgeniyRomashchin, General Director of Mining Machines SIC noted.

AndreyAfinogenov was born in 1980 in Wroclaw, Poland. He graduated from Donetsk National University under speciality “Jurisprudence” in 2002. He received the second high education at Donetsk National University of Management under speciality “State Service” in 2008. He started his legal carrier in 2001, at “Argus” company as a legal adviser. In the period from 2002 to 2006 he worked for “Ukrpodshipnik” Corporation as a senior legal adviser. After that he moved to CB “Aktiv-Bank” where he held the office of the Deputy Head of the Legal Administration, Director of the Legal Department. Mr. Afinogenovalso headed the legal department of State-Owned Company “Ukrpochta”. Before employment at Mining Machines SIC he was the Head of the Legal Department and Department of Work with Problematic Credits at “BTA Bank”. In August 2010, he was employed at Mining Machines SIC as the Deputy Legal Provision Director. In December 2010, he was assigned as the Acting Legal Provision Director.  

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