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Alliance on the way to success


Besides that SIC Mining Machines is liable to design a number of up to date products meeting exclusively DTEK's needs. The Agreement also stipulates for pricing algorithm for Mining Machines products. SIC Mining Machines shall have a fixed share and preferential right to supply products from its portfolio. It reduces the time of supply and gives opportunity for long-term production and procurement planning. As YevgeniyRomashchin, the Mining Machines General Director, reported the alliance with DTEK is a part of a Strategy oriented at the development of key clients partnership. Using the world experience of large heavy engineering companies cooperation the Agreement initiates the new stage of collaboration between Mining Machines and DTEK which raises miners labor safety and their production efficiency due to up-to-date mining equipment. "Having powerful engineering resources our company, – YevgeniyRomashchin said – is ready to offer new products fitting the best conditions on DTEK coal-mines". "Today DTEK mines have different level of equipment development. Coal mines which have recently joint the company require substitution of aging equipment whereas our old mines must increase the number of mechanical operations. Supplying the modern equipment the company raises safety of miners labor first, and at the same time increases efficiency reducing manual operations. DTEK's leading positions in Ukraine's energy can be accounted for investments made to refurbish and re-equip the production. The alliance with Mining Machines will give us a leverage to raise the efficiency of procurement and have equipment meeting our needs", - YuriyRyzhenkov, acting as DTEK director, explained. The alliance will give the possibility to achieve the synergy, reduce operational and investment expenses because of long term agreements on the product lines, on one hand DTEK will inform about its needs, on the other - Mining Machines can produce the equipment meeting all requirements of the partner. Mining Machines is ready to meet 100% of DTEK's expectations in terms of these product lines. One of the most important conditions of this Agreement is Mining Machines liabilities to provide after-sales service for supplied equipment. Under this Agreement the warranty time increased. In its turn for overhauls and maintenance DTEK shall use authentic spare parts only to increase the service time and decrease the breakdowns of equipment produced by Mining Machines.

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