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A Russian coal mine to get face off the shelf from SIC Mining Machines: SIC Mining Machines will equip the working face with the mechanized face complex at PJSC coal company Obukhovskoye (DTEK), one of the biggest coal mine in Rostov region.


Miners passed special training, which gives the possibility to increase the use efficiency rate of the supplied operational equipment. Apart from the information about design aspects and specific character of operation of these mechanisms visitors also were shown one of the mines, which successfully operates the similar equipment. As Igor Fomenko, Director for Sales and Marketing, SIC Mining Machines, indicated, “by creating for Company clients the possibilities to study the product mix before they start working in real conditions, we stipulate for the maximum productivity rate and smooth operation during total warranty period“.

At the moment SIC Mining Machines Works are also manufacturing the equipment, which helps to provide the comprehensive fitting of the new face. In particular 172 sections of powered roof support are manufactured at Dryzhkovsky engineering factory. Moreover the miners of Rostov region will have SP326 face conveyor and SP251gate conveyor.

The new face is 260m long with seam thickness of 1.28m, will allow reaching the planned extraction activity indices not less than 1,850 tonnes of coal per day. 

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