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Elena Plakhova

Elena Plakhova

Director for Corporate Communications

Elena Plakhova has 14-year work experience and education in the field of communications, as well as education of a teacher and a psychologist. She has been working for Corum since 2013; during this period, she managed the implementation of a number of global projects, including rebranding, transformation of the corporate culture, communications of changes in the business model, the Group’s management model, GR projects. Besides, under her auspices, the Group built an efficient anti-crisis communication system, which enable to maintain the Group’s reputation under the conditions of risk and uncertainty.

Elena Plakhova was twice recognised as one of Top-3 business ladies among PR and marketing directors in Ukraine.

Earlier, Elena Plakhova held the managing offices in the field of communications and strategic marketing in “Kontinium”, “Eurocement Group Ukraine”, “Khimagromarketing”, “Tavrida Electric”, and also managed Kiev Golf Club “Golfstream”.

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