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Alexey Zhytnik

Alexey Zhytnik

Director of Corum Shahtspetsstroy

Alexey Zhytnik came to work for the Group in January 2011 to occupy the position of the Head of the Department for Design Works. In March 2012, due to his wide experience and high operational efficiency, he headed the Mining Transport Department and in October 2012, he was appointed Deputy Director of the Division of Infrastructural Projects.


With him being involved personally, the Group implemented a project for replacement of CSh5*4 hoisting machine and switched to the OEM-production model, which was a considerable step on the way to improving efficiency of the Group’s business processes.


Beginning with 2015, Alexey Zhytnik is the Acting Director of the Division of Infrastructural Projects.


He began his labour activities at Dongormash Plant, where he rose from a design engineer to the Deputy Chief Designer. He has a degree of master in mining.

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